Dear friends,

We regret to announce that St. Petersburg Speculative Fiction Assembly and its literary seminar will be taking a break for this year. However, we leave open the possibility to hold single events within the framework of the convention. We hope to return in full format in 2023.

Stay safe and read good books!

The St. Petersburg Speculative Fiction Assembly (also known as Fantassemblee) is an international convention created in 2011 by a group of enthusiasts with a special appreciation for the genre, for those who admires it as well.

Our vivid and diverse list of events will be of interest to anyone who writes, reads, translates, watches, illustrates, or studies speculative fiction. Readers and writers, editors and translators, critics and comic book lovers alike will be meeting to discuss the most recent developments and pertinent topics in the genre, to socialise with one another, and to spend three crazy summer days in an unforgettable way.

Awaiting the serious and the thoughtful are debates and presentations; for those seeking knowledge there will be masterclasses and creative gatherings; for those feeling venturesome  literary competitions and intellectual games; and for those looking for a good time – informal conversations with Russian authors and international guests.

We unite those for whom speculative fiction is an important business, and an engaging and interesting one at that. Neither age nor experience matter, and nor does nationality, — we simply love speculative fiction, and we welcome all those sharing our love.

In conclusion, we remind you that in recent years the following authors have become honourary international guests of the Assembly: Cory Doctorow (Canada), Ian McDonald (Ireland), Peter Watts (Canada), Alastair Reynolds (United Kingdom), Kim Newman (United Kingdom), George R.R. Martin (USA), Adam Charles Roberts (United Kingdom), and Felix J. Palma (Spain), Catherynne M. Valente (USA).

Join us!

If you would like to come, please write us at megana.nataly(at)gmail(dot)com.